Are you happy?

It’s been several years since we opened our coaching business. We have run workshops in Australia and France, trained a brilliant group in our Elite 7 Day NLP Practitioner Training and had stunning success with our personal breakthrough clients. Along the way we have witnessed and been privy to marvelous stories and now understand how ridiculously easy it is for clients to let go of negative, painful, emotional states once they have decided to take action and move towards their goals.

Over the years we have discovered that the biggest mind based problem we face as a species is our blind determination to focus on (and talk about incessantly) our problems, and our apparent unwillingness to focus on solutions. The good news is if you wish to make profound and lasting change all you really have to do is shift your focus from problem based thinking to solution based thinking and take action. The bad news is this can only happen through you, it is not going to happen to you.

We coach clients and help them create dynamic and lasting behavioural change and we guarantee our results but have two ironclad conditions; that they are 100% committed and take the necessary action.

Today the question is no longer whether it is possible to feel good, possible to make change and possible to find happiness, the question is whether you want to do something about your situation or not? The question is are you willing to make it happen?

You can move beyond limitations and attachment to past deep hurt, including trauma, if you really want to. So, for those who are interested, we have a very serious question………………………

Are you ready?