Overcoming Bullying

Dealing With Conflict and Cultural Divides – Video

“Trump has taken people’s anger and anxiety about terrorism and converted it into anger against Mexicans or Muslims. It’s wrong and immoral”    –    Bernie Sanders 31 July 2016 Given the current climate of international hostility, animosity and wildly inflammatory rhetoric, clearly we could do with all the help we can get when dealing with […]

Bullies, Victims, Cyberbullying, Technology and More

Divorce Your Devices An interesting interview with Jenny Seaton from Curtin FM 101.1 Perth, delving into the relationship between bully and victim along with the impact of technology on teens today. Also included, some of my story, Africa, insecurity, isolation, victimhood and a less than fun run-in with an armed robber. www.frombulliedtobrilliant.com […]