Bullies, Victims, Cyberbullying, Technology and More

Divorce Your Devices An interesting interview with Jenny Seaton from Curtin FM 101.1 Perth, delving into the relationship between bully and victim along with the impact of technology on teens today. Also included, some of my story, Africa, insecurity, isolation, victimhood and a less than fun run-in with an armed robber. www.frombulliedtobrilliant.com […]

ABC Radio Interview – With Host Annie Gaffney

Interview with Annie Gaffney 90.3FM ABC Radio getviagranoprescription Sunshine Coast Karen Clarke talks again with radio host Annie Gaffney on ABC Radio Sunshine Coast discussing bullying, the show ‘Bullied’ and more of the ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ ethos Interview with Annie Gaffney – ABC […]