From Bullied to Brilliant

How to Generate Kindness in an Unkind World

A Guide to Personal Growth, Development and Empowerment

For Adults, Workplace Managers, Educators, Counsellors, Parents and Students

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From Bullied to Brilliant provides a radical new way to rapidly end cycles of dominance, bullying, abusive behaviours and intimidation.

Through actual case studies as well as the author’s personal reflections, this groundbreaking book shares real-life examples of bullying and intimidation, sheds light on how to understand the cause of bullying in the home, workplace and school, and more importantly, how to end it.

Topics include:

  • Why bullies attack
  • The psychology of bullies and victims
  • Ending the pattern of bullying
  • Turning pain into gain

’From Bullied to Brilliant’ helps adults, parents, educators, sufferers of domestic violence and victims of bullying understand how a change in thinking can end the bully-victim cycle. The world is full of questions, perhaps the answers lie within.


“Karen’s book opens the door to the wisdom of Gandhi and will help to the extent that one is willing to change drastically in behaviour and thinking. ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ leads to a greater understanding of the mechanisms which engender and encourage bullying and contains valuable strategies and tools for overcoming these very problems.”

Dr. Arun Gandhi
President, Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, USA
Leader of the Gandhi Legacy Tour of India.

 “The title, ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ says it all. It’s all about resilience and becoming the best person that you can be. It’s about moving on through the pitfalls of life.  I love the positive nature of the messages in this book and Karen’s own positive outlook on life and raising children is clearly evident.

Chris Gold
Principal of St John’s College

“As a parent, grandparent and educator I commend this book. Much has been discussed around the subject of bullying and all too often, there is an emphasis on the victim. If this problem  is to be truly explored, we must take a look at the bully. This will give those affected by bullying an insight into the mind of the bully and furnish them with the necessary tools to be placed in a position of understanding and  power. In ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ Karen takes an holistic view, bringing a refreshing and rounded approach to this growing problem.

Christine Hall
Education Consultant

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