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Dominant, controlling and bullying relationships can often trigger a lack of confidence, deep stress or anxiety in those who find themselves on the receiving end. For many, social-emotional wellbeing is a struggle, particularly when faced with challenging situations at home, in school or in the workplace.

‘From Bullied to Brilliant Coaching’™ offers a way to rapidly end the cycle of dominance and submission for both ‘bully’ and ‘victim’. The problem is never as straight-forward as it seems, there are patterns to bullying and victimhood which once identified, are easy to address. Those who have been bullied and equally, those who bully, will experience a deeper understanding of themselves and move beyond the confines of dominance-based relationships.

Karen and Tracey have a deep understanding of the causes and consequences of bullying and the power-imbalance in relationships through both personal and professional experience.

We offer individually tailored coaching for adults, adolescents and children.

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The Coaches

Tracey Carmichael

Tracey Carmichael is a Wellness and Mindset Coach, Author of ‘Happy Mind Formula’, NLP and Timeline Therapy Practitioner® with 15 years experience in the wellness industry as a Natural Therapist.

Tracey coaches people out of depression and into life and is our lead Health, Wellbeing and Mindset Coach.

Tracey’s techniques are simple but powerful and within the From Bullied to Brilliant Coaching® stucture she helps you balance the body and brain chemistry, release negative emotions and set aside limiting beliefs.

Karen Clarke

Karen is the author of From Bullied to Brilliant Founder and Director of Simply For Success Pty Ltd. She has a deep understanding of bullying and social isolation, both in her capacity as a professional coach and through personal experience. Karen has lived in England, Africa, France, New Zealand and Australia and understands the pressures we face when bullying, insecurity and isolation becomes an issue.

Karen is trained in suicide awareness and prevention, is a Performance and Confidence Coach, International Speaker and Trainer of NLP and Time Line Therapy®. She regularly delivers talks to professional organisations, schools, educators and groups.

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