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Karen is currently working with Darren Burns from the Brisbane Broncos, Gympie Regional Council Gympie Regional Counciland Gympie Police delivering presentations and workshops to primary and high school students for the ‘Building Better Communities’ and ‘Fit for Life’ programs. These programs are designed to help students understand and overcome life challenges and reach for their potential. Darren and Karen also deliver corporate leadership and team-building training.

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As part of the development partnership between the Brisbane Broncos and the Gympie Regional Council, I have been coordinating a number of community programs targeting school age students in the Gympie region.

One of the components included in the programs is bullying and dealing with difficult people. I have been very fortunate to have Karen Clarke as one of the presenters who is responsible for delivering this component.

Karen’s book ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ is a valuable resource that engages the readers and offers something to anyone who reads it. She speaks from experience and offers realistic approaches to dealing with adversity. Bullying will never be stopped, but Karen’s messages in the book rely on being positive and embracing your own potential to be your best. This book should be accessible to all students in all schools, and is also a valuable resource for the workplace, where bullying is all too common.

Karen’s presentation also engages the students who are keen to not only hear her life stories, but also learn the best solutions to dealing with difficult people in their lives. Her calm and warm approach to the students helps build their trust in delivering an honest and comprehensive presentation.

I look forward to working further with Karen Clarke in 2017 and beyond, to deliver this valued component to those that need it most.


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