My Testimonial
Where do I start?
Karen was recommended to me from a good friend who previously had sessions herself and was overwhelmed by the difference it made in her life.
I had suffered emotionally in my life, losing an adult child, media bullying & narcissism and never proceeded to have any counselling or help from practitioners or counselors as I didn’t really want to relive my story!
My coaching sessions with Karen started with me crying nearly every session at first and my final session ended with a few tears but they were of happiness! Not the original sadness I was feeling within myself. I forgave myself, I found a stronger me and I have moved forward in a happier state of being.
Karen’s life coaching has taught me that everything happens for a reason, we all have our story and path.
With the help of her book “From Bullied To Brilliant” and my coaching sessions, I have found a new contentment and positivity to enjoy every day that I have been gifted with in this lifetime.
Thank you Karen for your care, understanding and helping me to live to my full potential.
I can’t recommend your service highly enough.
Kind Regards,
Suzi White



“I have been receiving life-coaching from Karen Clarke from ‘Family Connections’ for the last 11 weeks during my difficult time of marriage separation.

Karen has re-acquainted me with my inner self and the powers that lay beneath. She is supportive, inspirational, and very intelligent and I would be finding this stage in my life a lot harder without her input. I am grateful.”

Traci Davies – September 2020



“I have so much praise for Karen Clarke and for the time line therapy she has done with me since my marriage broke down. After our first session I found my nearly overwhelming inner turmoil reduced to a manageable level.

Each session that I had with Karen was incredibly powerful and I came away with some profound insights into my behaviours and what I was unconsciously accepting in my relationships. Karen encouraged me to do some work on my own such as reading, self-reflecting and meditating outside of the sessions which were also really beneficial.

Karen has helped me to learn that it is the negative and the positive experiences in life that shape the person that I am and that I don’t need to be afraid or ashamed of the negative – to the contrary I am grateful for the lessons I have learned.”

August 2020


Coaching (Family Connections)

“Firstly, I would like to thank Tracey so much for offering such a wonderful service to families who belong to the St Johns Nambour College Community.

Given the chance to see Karen has been truly the best thing for me, and my family. Having time with Karen allowed me to step back from the urgency of always thinking I needed to be in control of everything. Karen guided me with her openness to align myself back to my core in being a wife, a mother, and most of all to not forget who I am by going back and rewriting some of my old stories by letting go and then replacing the stories with love.

I would say to others: provided you are willing to do it for yourself and are ready to make a few changes, do life coaching with Karen because you are able to turn things around in a few short months instead of having to wait a whole lifetime for things to happen around you.

Thank you Karen for being such a beautiful down to earth caring coach.”

August 2020


School Presentations, Bullying, Confidence, Self-Esteem

As part of the development partnership between the Brisbane Broncos and the Gympie Regional Council, I have been coordinating a number of community programs targeting school age students in the Gympie region.

One of the components included in the programs is bullying and dealing with difficult people. I have been very fortunate to have Karen Clarke as one of the presenters who is responsible for delivering this component.

Karen’s book ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ is a valuable resource that engages the readers and offers something to Darren-Burnsanyone who reads it. She speaks from experience and offers realistic approaches to dealing with adversity. Bullying will never be stopped, but Karen’s messages in the book rely on being positive and embracing your own potential to be your best. This book should be accessible to all students in all schools, and is also a valuable resource for the workplace, where bullying is all too common.

Karen’s presentation also engages the students who are keen to not only hear her life stories, but also learn the best solutions to dealing with difficult people in their lives. Her calm and warm approach to the students helps build their trust in delivering an honest and comprehensive presentation.

I look forward to working further with Karen Clarke in 2017 and beyond, to deliver this valued component to those that need it most.

Darren Burns – 2016
Brisbane Broncos
Building Better Communities
Program Coordinator


NLP Coaching

Karen Clarke embodies the words Master Practitioner & Master Coach of NLP. She has an excellent grasp of and high competence in a large range of NLP techniques and coaching practices.

When working with clients, Karen gives her client her total focus, encouragement and complete support. She has an ability to see exactly what is needed to help her client overcome their problems, whether they are professional, in relationship, personal, or career, and achieve outstanding results. If you want to create excellence in an area of your life, then Karen is the person who can help you achieve your goals.

Dr Sandra Gillanders – June 2010

Success Specialist, Speaker, Author, Master NLP Coach, Master Practitioner NLP 


Coaching (Tracey Carmichael)

“Before the Bully program & meeting Tracey, I was looking for as many tactics/ strategies on how to defend & stand up to my bullies, feeling like a victim whose lack of assertiveness caused so many issues. I’ve unconsciously lived like a victim for so many years, using work, & more recently food, to support my ignorance of the real issues- Me. Worst still, I felt so disempowered while my bullies permanently had a hold over me, or so it seemed before the Bully program.

What I loved most about the Bullying program & Tracey’s coaching style was that they gave me back my power & self- love by taking accountability of my feelings & the drivers of my beliefs. By recognising how I played a role in the bullying; by understanding that a victim & bully have similar traits & that victimisation gave me a sense of significance;- the power to ending the bullying cycle resided within me. This changed my understanding of bullying & the dynamics of power, moving me toward a path of growth & self-care.

What I found unique about this program was where the Bullying modules & Tracey slowly developed my self awareness of how I gave my power away & instead of berating myself, I took the approach of self-love & that I did the best I could at the time. This was such a beautiful experience because I simply couldn’t be bullied or bully myself any longer, I needed positive reassuring beliefs to be developed from this experience.

Positive changes I have experienced in me, life & relationships is that I am beginning to know more about who I am, what I want out of life & what needs will drive my future. No longer the need for significance rather a pursuit for growth, love/connection & contribution in every aspect of my life. Alongside my personal insights, I’ve also given up binge eating (which lasted 3+ years) as I’m eating better than I have in years; I’ve taken up Pilates/Barre 5 times a week (something I couldn’t do because I wasn’t able to stay in one place for too long- walking along the beach was the only exercise I could do); I’ve started a gratitude journal; and I’m about to move into a beautiful new apartment soon. The future looks more promising & exciting.

If anyone is looking to turn their life around from being a victim to one that is empowered, then I highly recommend the Bullying program & Tracey’s mentoring. Both will offer you the tools & knowledge to create a future that you desire based on your needs for fulfilment, leaving behind what others want or expect from you. If you want to learn to love & free yourself, then this is your solution.

Thank you again to the program & Tracey.

Much love & appreciation.”

July 2019


Lisa Rubenstein – The HP Institute


Krishna Everson

Debbie Ducic

Donna-Leigh Perfect

Sue Murphy

Natalie Hennessey

Tracey Carmichael