Ocean Reeve

My name is Ocean Reeve and I bring stories to life. I facilitate creativity and bring creatives together. Motivation comes from external forces, inspiration comes within and generally a spark inside of us that brightens tends to bring that inspiration to the forefront. ocean reeve

I have been fortunate enough to see the author of From Bullied to Brilliant, Karen Clarke, speak several times over recent years, and every time I am left with goosebumps. Karen’s ability to align her purpose with everyone in the room is amazing.

Karen’s explanation behind the bullying/victim mentality is powerful and game-changing. It shows the power of human connection in its truest form and enables us to recede any mask or shield and feel totally ok to be ourselves and feel loved in doing so.

This modest, insightful woman unleashes a self-awareness within individuals and audience like I have never encountered and comes from such a raw and real place, it is simply astounding.

Karen teaches us about accountability in a non-confronting fashion that instigates a desire to be a part of a conscious change in our behaviors towards ourselves and others. A speaker of a high magnitude that will leave an imprint never to be forgotten.

Ocean Reeve
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