“Firstly, I would like to thank Tracey so much for offering such a wonderful service to families who belong to the St John’s Nambour College Community.

Given the chance to see Karen has been truly the best thing for me, and my family. Having time with Karen allowed me to step back from the urgency of always thinking I needed to be in control of everything.

Karen guided me with her openness to align myself back to my core in being a wife, a mother, and most of all to not forget who I am by going back and rewriting some of my old stories by letting go and then replacing the stories with love.

I would say to others: provided you are willing to do it for yourself and are ready to make a few changes, do life coaching with Karen because you are able to turn things around in a few short months instead of having to wait a whole lifetime for things to happen around you.

Thank you Karen for being such a beautiful down to earth caring coach.

Name Withheld for Privacy – August 2020