“Karen’s book opens the door to the wisdom of Gandhi and will help to the extent that one is willing to change drastically in behaviour and thinking. ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ leads to a greater understanding of the mechanisms which engender and encourage bullying and contains valuable strategies and tools for overcoming these very problems.”

Dr Arun Ghandi
President, Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, USA
Leader of the Gandhi Legacy Tour of India.


“The title, ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ says it all. It’s all about resilience and becoming the best person that you can be. It’s about moving on through the pitfalls of life.  I love the positive nature of the messages in this book and Karen’s own positive outlook on life and raising children is clearly evident.

The combination of referring back to the great philosophies through the ages and, as Karen calls it, some ‘uncommon sense’, provides valuable insights for parents struggling with how to help their children work through situations of bullying and intimidation. The strategies are sound and a breath of fresh air. I have helped young people deal with bullying issues for over 36 years and associate very closely with Karen’s peaceful, non-judgmental approach. A must-read for parents and educators which should be shared with your children.”

Chris Gold
Principal of St John’s College

Chris Hall

“As a parent, grandparent and educator I commend this book. Much has been discussed around the subject of bullying and all too often, there is an emphasis on the victim. If this problem  is to be truly explored, we must take a look at the bully. This will give those affected by bullying an insight into the mind of the bully and furnish them with the necessary tools to be placed in a position of understanding and  power. In ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ Karen takes an holistic view, bringing a refreshing and rounded approach to this growing problem.

Well done Karen!”

Christine Hall
Education Consultant


From Bullied to Brilliant (B2B) should be read and permanently on the shelf of every parent, teacher, sports coach, employer, community and political leader and every young person who is or has been bullied. If possible, B2B should also be placed in the hands of those who are or have been involved in bullying behaviours towards others.

Author, Karen Clarke, offers sequential steps, strategies and a range of actions that one can implement to deal with bullies and bullying. Karen and the contributors to her book display great compassion, empathy, intelligence, insight and humour in their descriptions and analysis of their experiences of bullies and bullying.

Clarke covers in depth the following topics and issues:

Understanding Bullying

The Different Faces of Bullying

A Change in Thinking

Raising Empowered Children

Seven Steps to Peaceful Personal Power

Tools and Techniques

The practical steps outlined in B2B open up pathways for both the bullied and the bully to discover how they can change and in doing so become brilliant and unique through applying Clarke’s  strategies for disarming rather than perpetuating the bully-victim cycle. I highly recommend From Bullied to Brilliant for our times and to relieve us of the burdens of our past behaviours, towards creating and sustaining our positive and brilliant futures.



Dr Steven Gration (B.Ed PhD)
Performing Arts, Education and Community Researcher, Writer and Consultant


As part of the development partnership between the Brisbane Broncos and the Gympie Regional Council, I have been coordinating a number of community programs targeting school age students in the Gympie region.

One of the components included in the programs is bullying and dealing with difficult people. I have been very fortunate to have Karen Clarke as one of the presenters who is responsible for delivering this component.

Karen’s book ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ is a valuable resource that engages the readers and offers something to anyone who reads it. She speaks from experience and offers realistic approaches to dealing with adversity. Bullying will never be stopped, but Karen’s messages in the book rely on being positive and embracing your own potential to be your best. This book should be accessible to all students in all schools, and is also a valuable resource for the workplace, where bullying is all too common.

Karen’s presentation also engages the students who are keen to not only hear her life stories, but also learn the best solutions to dealing with difficult people in their lives. Her calm and warm approach to the students helps build their trust in delivering an honest and comprehensive presentation.

I look forward to working further with Karen Clarke in 2017 and beyond, to deliver this valued component to those that need it most.

Darren Burns
Brisbane Broncos
Building Better Communities, Program Coordinator

Ed Francis - Guest Contributor - Photo

In my library, some books are destined for vandalism.

Let me explain…

Every so often a book comes along that requires more than just a read. Some books grab my attention to the point of taking a pen and underlining, circling, “starring,” “arrowing,” highlighting, and dog-earing the corners of its pages.

“From Bullied to Brilliant” is one of those vandalized books in my library.

In my experience the act of bullying can be received and looked upon in one of two ways: It’s like being handed a gallon of gasoline. The question becomes “what we do with it?” Do we pour it over ourselves and light the match of self condemnation – or do we pour the gift into our gas tank and use it as fuel to travel and pursue our dreams?

I highly recommend this book to everyone. We can all take away something from the experiences, helpful steps, and understanding “From Bullied to Brilliant” brings to those of us who experience(d) bullying, bully, or even witness bullying happening around them.

Watch out…you may end up changing someone’s life – and it could be yours!

Ed Francis
Executive Director/Co-Founder, Rhythm Workshops
Master Drum Coach/Founder, Round Rock Drums

Michael Schwandt 3

“The collection of first hand stories Karen has collected in ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’, coupled with her seven step process to help people overcome adversity, are a guide for any and all ages to read. Families should talk openly together about this global issue so that if and when bullying, fear, intimidation or mental abuse enters their lives, they feel confident discussing it.

I hope From ‘Bullied To Brilliant’ reaches millions and whether it’s the stories like mine or the comprehensive process that Karen outlines to transcend the negative effects of bullying, as long one person sees the light and realises their true potential, that alone makes the effort worthwhile.”

Michael Schwandt
Stage Director / Choreographer

Matthew Mitcham - Photo

“The people who are different, eccentric, who don’t fit the mould – are the people who, because of their non-conformity, have the ability to think outside the box and do things differently. Unfortunately, this asset also makes them a target. ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ is a wonderful tool to help those people both understand and deal with bullies, and embrace their own potential for brilliance.”

Matthew Mitcham

Nat Hennessey

As a Special Education Teacher I am made aware every day of the prejudices and ridicule many of my students encounter. As a parent I have had to deal first hand with the trauma that can occur if your child is bullied.  As a life coach I have seen people carry through ‘victim’ patterns as a result of childhood bullying into their adult lives. It can be challenging and confronting to know how to support and discuss this issue with those who are in your care and to know that you are making a difference.

Thank God Karen Clarke’s book ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ came along! It not only gives first hand experiences of people who have pushed through bullying to become huge success stories, it also gives you practical, easy and life changing strategies and tools to assist those who need it most. As a resource in educational settings it would provide an invaluable asset to any bullying practice, procedure or policy.  In the right hands it could be just what is required to turn the bullying tide not only in schools but in the wider community as well.  Who knows what the ripple effect could be for generations to come.



Natalie Hennessey
Special Education Teacher
Nambour Special School


I was born during World War 2, when unchecked bullying produced two psychotic mass murderers, Hitler and Stalin, who slaughtered 50 million people. They were empowered by compliant, obedient citizens who invested their own life-force in the bullies; pleading “I was only following orders”. Later in life I met a psychologist, Dr John Bieshon, who dealt with bullying at work. He brought the bullies, the victims, their colleagues and managers together and to their senses. He accentuated the positive to eliminate the negative to make the organisation and the world a better place. Those were adults, whose psyches were formed and fixed. Karen’s important book shines bold, bright clear light into the dark corners where bullying and fearful compliance take root and grow, in families, nurseries, schools, recreations and relationships. And she guides us on how to intelligently confront the syndrome as early as possible, to counter it and liberate all the players to enjoy their lives. Karen’s greatest gift to her readers is her exemplary courage in revealing her own battles and vulnerabilities. This is not a Do As I Say – but a creative Do As I Do book – from which we may all draw inspiration, courage, wisdom and strength.

Noel Hodson, Author
AD 2516 – After Global Warming


“I loved reading ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ for both personal and business reasons.

Personally as someone who allowed myself to be bullied until my mid 30’s, the book was a wonderful confirmation of just how far I have come, especially in regards to taking responsibility of my own world. I won’t lie to you; the book triggered several past emotions and, a few regrets that it had not been published 20 years earlier. It was very much worth the journey though.

As a counselor I found myself reading the book from a therapeutic perspective. ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ contains many gems for anyone who works with bullied clients. I believe it to be a must have for those who work with children, including teachers. The book goes beyond what we learn in the textbooks or what we see on the surface.  The sharing of stories gives us a deeper look in to the world of the bullied and the bully. Maybe if we could gain a deeper understanding to pass on to our children at an early age, then some future trauma could be avoided.

What I particularly loved was the lack of judgment, the practical tools for all parties, the compassion for all sides, and the allowed space for healing. “

Kama Frankling
Slow Down and Play Therapist


Karen Clarke takes a clear look at bullying and presents her message in a straight talking, practical yet compassionate way. She tells it like she sees it, and through her honesty and empathy, she hands over the keys of healing to anyone who has experienced bullying first hand, or knows someone who is experiencing bullying. Two of the many empowering messages in ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ is that bullying is not a new phenomenon – it’s been part of the social and human experience since time immemorial – only the shape it takes has changed in some instances. And that anyone can handle a bullying situation, no matter how ‘weak’ or submissive they see themselves as being. With a firm hand and an open heart, Karen Clarke walks with you through this clear sighted and courageous book.

Jill Chivers
Conscious Consumption Writer and Advocate


Karen…what have you done?! After attending your workshop and reading your book, I have managed to stop being a “victim” and am now starting to stand up for myself. In fact, my new found superpowers scare me sometimes..look out World!! Wish I had read this 40 years ago. THANKYOU SO MUCH!

Leah Licence


I have been working on this project with Karen Clarke and Natalie Hennessey for the past 12 months or so as a contributor and coach and this morning I feel very privileged to be lying in bed reading this masterpiece by Karen Clarke.

Although I have read the manuscript many times over in past year having the tangible item and reading the end product has so much more impact for me today. If you are in a controlling relationship, have/had abusive or domineering parents, over bearing work colleagues, bosses, teaches, coaches or in any situation where you feel disempowered you must read this book.

I see so much of myself in this book and how my low self esteem and lack of confidence in my early days lead me into situations and relationships that further compounded the problem. So grateful I now have the skills and knowledge to stand in my truth and be my authentic self. This amazing book by Karen Clarke will get you there too. 

Tracey Carmichael
Happy Mind Coach and Yoga Instructor
Author of ‘Happy Mind Formula’


“I have worked with Karen in children’s workshops over several years, and I have watched ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ grow from strategies based on her own experiences to a concept that can change a worldwide pattern of bullying. The book Karen has created is easy to understand and use for teachers, students, bullies and victims. I am so proud to have been close enough to watch the book grow and next I will watch it change the world.”

Hayley Green


Review Rating: 5 stars!

The title of Karen Clarke’s new book says it all: From Bullied to Brilliant, How To Artfully Avoid Fitting In. For many children, and indeed adults, trying to fit in is the be-all and end-all of one’s daily life. But Clarke turns that concept on its head. In a smart, informative, yet relatable way, Clarke takes us deep into the minds of bullies to see how they tick, then she provides tricks, tools, and facts to use when a parent finds out that a bully has targeted their own child. The style and appearance of the writing and different sections really helped to categorize and emphasize the text.

One aspect of the book that I really appreciated was that different stories were injected throughout – Tanja’s Story, Matthew’s Story, etc – which all assisted in bringing to life the concepts that Clarke was discussing in the concurrent sections. While there is a lot of meat here, and it will take a while to digest some of the concepts, I felt that all of the information was very helpful and logically sound.

Karen Clarke has found an artful combination of information, creativity, humor, and general knowledge of human psychology to discuss a difficult, but prevalent issue in today’s society. Every parent should have a copy of From Bullied to Brilliant on hand when attempting to navigate the traumatic middle and high school years with their kids. Even adults will be able to glean some great techniques in dealing with a bullying boss or friend.


Katelyn Hensel
Book Reviewer - Readers’ Favorite


Review Rating: 5 stars!

From Bullied to Brilliant: How To Artfully Avoid Fitting In by Karen Clarke handles the relevant topic of bullying and gives good advice to all those who have been intimidated or have faced bullying. The book not only focuses on the problems of being isolated, embarrassed, insecure, and alone, but also gives one techniques to shift the focus from the problem to an immediate solution. The sharing of stories and the offering of insightful steps to develop one’s confidence and self-esteem give hope and help parents understand that they are not alone, enabling them to help their children work through situations of bullying.

The positive and practical approaches to handle bullying are useful and informative and reach out to many people – parents, educators, and all those who work with victims of bullying – and tell them how a change in thinking can end the cycle. The author handles the topic extensively and the book is very easy to understand and be used by teachers, students, bullies, and victims. Her strategies, based on her own experiences of bullying, are helpful in bringing changes to the worldwide pattern of bullying. The author also gives a deeper view into the world of the bully and the bullied.

The book is informative and guides readers to intelligently confront the negative effects of bullying, and understand their strength, potential, and true worth. The book is liberating for all those who are bully victims as it gives them the courage to fight their own battles and vulnerabilities with greater strength.

Mamta Madhavan
Book Reviewer - Readers’ Favorite


Review Rating – 5 Stars!

Bullying comes in many forms and pretty much anyone has the potential to be a bully. It is, however, most common in situations where one is seen to be different from what society deems to be normal. Instead of embracing and celebrating our diversity, the bullying culture victimises those that are believed to not conform to what is believed to be the norm. In her deeply insightful book titled From Bullied to Brilliant: How To Artfully Avoid Fitting In, Karen Clarke shines a fresh light onto the vice so it can be understood and practical ways forward can be formed.
The stories shared, from people who have suffered at the hands of bullies and prevailed, are a strong source of inspiration and a message to all that if you are going through it, you are not alone and you too can overcome. Bullying comes in many forms and can take place anywhere – at home, at school, at work, and just about anywhere in society. From Bullied to Brilliant is a must-read for all authority figures and for those they seek to protect. Whether you are or have been a victim of bullying, or you are simply seeking practical solutions so you can support those dealing with it, you will find this book a truly worthy read. From Bullied to Brilliant shares knowledge to empower readers to find the strength and confidence to overcome.

Faridah Nassozi
Book Reviewer - Readers Favorite


Review Rating – 5 Stars!

From Bullied to Brilliant: How to Artfully Avoid Fitting In by Karen Clarke is a non-fiction book on bullying and how some people can distance themselves from their bullied past and move on to a brilliant future. More importantly, this book helps parents and children understand how they can stop themselves from being bullied. Clarke has done her research on this topic and she too has been a victim of bullying in her life. And as she is a mother of school aged children, her facts and sympathies are spot on. You can understand her point because she understands yours.

This book will definitely help people understand bullying and bring a sense of calm into their life. Since the school year is starting or has started in many parts of the world, this would be a wonderful book for kids who are victims of bullying. Remember that there are many forms of bullying and not every child shares these experiences with their parents. Just buy this book and ask them to read it; if they need help they will find it here. This is a wonderfully informative book that will help kids all over the world.

Rabia Tanveer
Book Reviewer - Reader's Favorite

‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ offers deep reaching strategies and techniques for overcoming bullying. The book provides great insight and understanding into a world which is too often swept under the carpet or dealt with behind closed doors. In a corporate environment bullying is a big part of ethics and as such this book not only offers individuals solutions, it also offers corporations relevant and realistic tools to help deal with those being bullied, as well as those doing the bullying.

Rachael Handley (MSc, PGCE)
Training Manager


I am fortunate to be able to say that I and those around me have never experienced the situations highlighted in “From Bullied to Brilliant” and despite that, Karen has educated me with informative, thought provoking and practical examples of what to do when faced with bullying. As a grandfather, I want all my children to read this book and discuss it with their children. It should become a standard reference for those seeking to understand and contend with a scourge that is all too prevalent in today’s society.

Mark Wyatt
State Manager AA Radio Services Pty Ltd.
Dad of 5 and Poppy of 4

“I love ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’. It is simple, practical, entertaining, thought provoking, personal, empowering. Bloody good job! This book is a gift to the world.”

Natalie Hennessey
Spirited Women’s Movement
Life Coach, Mentor, Creator of Ceremony and Circle

“Bullying has long been thought of as a necessary evil in one form or another. Here at last is an intelligent investigation that not only explains the phenomenon and gives some real life examples but also suggests practical measures to overcome the problem.

Written with wit and a heartfelt desire to make a difference, Karen Clarke shows that there are solutions that can be life changing,  leading to a positive and joyful outcome. A book that is most definitely worth reading.”

Sylvia Hodson
L’université Aix/Marseille

“‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ is an amazing solution based resource for anyone who is feeling powerless or victimised in their lives. This book is clear, concise and very easy to read with practical strategies that are easy to apply to help anyone move to a place where they feel strong, confident and alive.

Every parent, educator and manager needs a copy of this book. Brilliant work Karen.”

Tracey Carmichael
Happy Mind Coach and Yoga Instructor
Author of ‘Happy Mind Formula’

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and positive energy. Words can’t begin to express how inspired I am. You perfectly described the “transition” and everything that may follow…and now that I’m living it, I know how to move forward in peace and with gratitude.

Thanks a million times over 🙂

God bless!!


My son was experiencing problems at secondary school, mainly with verbal teasing but on two occasions physical assault.  Working with the school was helpful but we still felt his energy was very low and his self esteem had been affected. We enrolled him in the 2 session ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ coaching program over the school holiday and the results were amazing. He is back to his usual happy self, is getting on better with the other children and even his grades have improved. I have recommend the coaching and ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ book to other children who are experiencing problems. Thank you Karen Clarke and Tracey Carmichael for giving us our happy son back!”

Sue - September 2016


Karen Clarke has created something very special with this book. It’s beyond herself or her business – it’s for the greater good and that is precious indeed.

Alex Mitchell
Author Support Services

“Those of us who are dreamers and misfits often find ourselves with a bulls-eye painted on our backs. We can feel like our uniqueness is something to be ashamed of, rather than a gift to be embraced. ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ helps those of us who have been through, are going through, or may one day experience bullying – and sends the important message that we are not alone by sharing encouraging stories from those who have made it through to the other side.”

Ed Francis
Executive Director/Co-Founder, Rhythm Workshops
Master Drum Coach/Founder, Round Rock Drums

Congratulations. It was worth the years of work. Pauline & I are reading your book, ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’, and find that it lives up to all the promise of the early drafts. It is brilliant that the foreword is by Dr Arun Ghandi. The illustrations are brilliant and the citations and dozens of pertinent quotations add much power and interest to your text.

I think it reinforces the long-body of literature for peace and reconciliation; and opens accessible pathways to your readers for more personal development.

Noel Hodson
AD 2516 - After Global Warming


I have been reading this book ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ but not fully completed it as yet. I wish I had it while in my teens when life was a struggle and challenging. The information is very thought provoking which is great. It also makes you realise your potential to make a difference by making that change in yourself first.

Bullying is truly present not only in schools but in the office or in our homes even among friends and extended family. But honestly the real victim takes onto themselves the hurt further because of low self esteem and continues to bully themselves by listening and agreeing with what the environment has thought them to believe about themselves. Read the book and go on a journey to find your personal power from within. Thanks Karen from ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ you have done a wonderful job with this book. Can’t wait to complete.

Alison Laverty


I would like to mention Karen Clarke and her mini presentation on bullying. I have read many books on bullying and have worked with this myself and Karen has really nailed it. She really gets the dynamics of this topic. If you have any issues with bullying, domination or even any power struggles at all, get her book, ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ and prepare to be enlightened.

Madonna Robinson

Madonna Robinson

‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ encourages positive philosophical and practical approaches to the handling of bullying. The author offers sequential steps and a range of actions and strategies that can be implemented by parents, teachers, adults and children who are dealing with bullying. While exploring a serious contemporary issue, Karen Clarke’s writing is full of empathy, insights and humour. I was thoroughly engaged from beginning to end and learnt much about myself and the behaviour of others in my life, both past and present.

Dr Steven Gration (B.Ed PhD)
Performing Arts, Education and Community Researcher, Writer and Consultant


Review Rating – 4 Stars!

” Karen Clarke brings a new, fresh perspective to the problem of bullying in her nonfictional work, From Bullied to Brilliant: How to Artfully Avoid Fitting In. The author presents an enlightening, comprehensive treatise on an age-old problem that has been receiving much attention in recent years, partly due to the new platform for bullying – social media.

The psychological explanations underlying the roles of “bully and victim” are explored from a unique point of view. The section, debunking some familiar myths, was also especially informative. Likewise, lists of strategies to live within one’s own personal power are an excellent resource for those rebuilding self-esteem. The personal stories of a number of successful people, who lived through difficult bullying situations, offer hope to those who feel disempowered, or have no positive role models in their lives.

If you have been affected by bullying in any form, you should consider picking up From Bullied to Brilliant: How to Artfully Avoid Fitting In by Karen Clarke. Not only is the book full of helpful and practical information, it explains the reasons why this form of violence is prevalent in today’s society. Ms. Clarke’s style of writing is easy to read and understand. She presents a great deal of valuable information in short chapters, organized in well-titled sections.

The addition of inspirational quotations throughout the book enhances one’s emotions and thoughts surrounding this phenomenon. This book touches both the mind and the heart. Not only does the reader gain a broader understanding of bullying, but can react to all people affected by it with compassionate competency.”

Deborah Lloyd
Book Reviewer - Readers' Favorite


With this book, Karen Clarke is emerging as the new leader authority on the management of bullying. What marks Karen and her work out from the crowd is her very different approach and refreshing philosophy to this complex but very relevant subject. She sees the very real possibility of opportunity emerging from adversity – even very significant adversity. She sees potential good coming from the pain that is bullying.

Her ‘Tough Minded Optimism’ strategy is an inspiring lesson for us all. She provides a great framework for changing our choices and those of our young people. I think that one day “From Bullied to Brilliant” will become a foundation work in its field. Go read!

From Cabbage Patch To Cabernet Franc

David Stannard
Author - 'From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc'
Paradise Rescued

Jo Collins

We should all read this book so we could all recognise bullying, prevent bullying and stand up against bullying. But this book is about more than just bullying. Karen uses simple but very powerful concepts which each and every one of us can use to improve our own lives and the lives of those around us. About to read it again…

Jo Collins
Health and Wellness Coach
Other Side of Change

Sergio Maresca

Sergio Maresca

What a brilliantly talented and exceptionally gifted writer you are, Karen! Your book is very well researched and absolutely beautifully written. I have nothing but superlatives for your work. I would give it a twelve out of ten! Please continue to give your speaking presentations everywhere you can. You have a beautifully warm and gentle speaking voice and very engaging presence, and once again I know intuitively that there are so very many people waiting to hear your messages and strategies of validation and hope. Thank you for your brilliant book.

Sergio Carlo Maresca
Speaker, Trainer, Author

Dion Jensen

My name is Dion Jensen I am the founder of Success For Soldiers and I am the author of the world’s first good Dion Jensennews book about PTSD. I save lives on the back of careers in the military, police and diplomatic protection in Iraq.

I heard Karen speak at a Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce event to a mixed audience of creative and business leaders.

Karen scared me.

Her ability to connect immediately to the parts of myself that I had kept hidden and protected were accessed immediately with her authentic approach to dealing with bullies. As a bullied kid myself, I was very interested in what Karen had to say, but was totally unprepared for the power that this lady had.

Her speech will speak directly to the hearts of your audience, with authenticity, intelligence and a total UNawareness of how powerful she is, that comes across as total humility. What initially scared me as to how quickly she accessed the hidden recesses of my heart and mind, quickly transformed into a gratitude that were answers to some of the struggles that I had been through personally.

Looking around the audience, I saw the same process happening in the number of watering eyes in the audience. Karen will connect immediately with your audience, then with intelligence and experience, take them on a journey of self-discovery with processes and answers to empower them.

Dion Jensen
Founder of Success For Soldiers, author

ocean reeve

My name is Ocean Reeve and I bring stories to life. I facilitate creativity and bring creatives together. Motivation ocean reevecomes from external forces, inspiration comes within and generally a spark inside of us that brightens tends to bring that inspiration to the forefront.

I have been fortunate enough to see the author of From Bullied to Brilliant, Karen Clarke, speak several times over recent years, and every time I am left with goosebumps. Karen’s ability to align her purpose with everyone in the room is amazing.

Karen’s explanation behind the bullying/victim mentality is powerful and game-changing. It shows the power of human connection in its truest form and enables us to recede any mask or shield and feel totally ok to be ourselves and feel loved in doing so.

This modest, insightful woman unleashes a self-awareness within individuals and audience like I have never encountered and comes from such a raw and real place, it is simply astounding.

Karen teaches us about accountability in a non-confronting fashion that instigates a desire to be a part of a conscious change in our behaviors towards ourselves and others. A speaker of a high magnitude that will leave an imprint never to be forgotten.

Ocean Reeve
mentor, author, speaker, publisher

My son was experiencing problems at secondary school, mainly with verbal teasing but on two occasions physical assault.

Working with the school was helpful but we still felt his energy was very low and his self esteem had been affected.

We enrolled him in the 2 session ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ coaching program over the school holiday and the results were

amazing. He is back to his usual happy self, is getting on better with the other children and even his grades have improved.

I have recommended the coaching and ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ book to other children who are experiencing problems.

Thank you Karen Clarke and Tracey Carmichael for giving us our happy son back!


Your talk really made a difference to how I view unkind behaviour from others. Instead of getting upset, I now feel sorry for them and try and work out what is wrong in their world, that they feel the need to try and upset mine or someone else’s. It will stay with me forever, so thank you.

Karen Hennig
Karen Hennig


Karen Clarke embodies the words Master Practitioner & Master Coach of NLP. She has an excellent grasp of and high competence in a large range of NLP techniques and coaching practices.

When working with clients, Karen gives her client her total focus, encouragement and complete support. She has an ability to see exactly what is needed to help her client overcome their problems, whether they are professional, in relationship, personal, or career, and achieve outstanding results. If you want to create excellence in an area of your life, then Karen is the person who can help you achieve your goals.

Dr Sandra Gillanders – June 2010

Success Specialist, Speaker, Author, Master NLP Coach, Master Practitioner NLP

Dr Sandra Gillanders
Success Specialist, Speaker, Author, Master NLP Coach, Master Practitioner NLP