Natalie Hennessey

As a Special Education Teacher I am made aware every day of the prejudices and ridicule many of my students encounter. As a parent I have had to deal first hand with the trauma that can occur if your child is bullied.  As a life coach I have seen people carry through ‘victim’ patterns as a result of childhood Nat Hennesseybullying into their adult lives. It can be challenging and confronting to know how to support and discuss this issue with those who are in your care and to know that you are making a difference.

Thank God Karen Clarke’s book ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ came along! It not only gives first hand experiences of people who have pushed through bullying to become huge success stories, it also gives you practical, easy and life changing strategies and tools to assist those who need it most. As a resource in educational settings it would provide an invaluable asset to any bullying practice, procedure or policy.  In the right hands it could be just what is required to turn the bullying tide not only in schools but in the wider community as well.  Who knows what the ripple effect could be for generations to come.



Natalie Hennessey
Special Education Teacher
Nambour Special School