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21st of July 2017 06:18 PM Link
And she's back! 🙂 Banging on again about how to deal with complicated relationships and avoid hostilities............ 🙂 You've had a month off 😀
Many thanks to Sunshine Coast Libraries
19th of July 2017 09:17 PM Link
Well this has been a long time coming!
21st of June 2017 08:03 PM Link
This is fabulous 😊
14th of June 2017 11:23 AM Link
What can you do if you feel bullied, isolated and alone not just a school, but at home too? Ed Francis from Round Rock Drums is a guest contributor to From Bullied to Brilliant and his story is truly inspirational. Music courtesy of the extremely talented David R. Maracle from Native Expressions - David R. Maracle. This presentation is part of the 'Building Better Communities Program' supported by Gympie Regional Council and the Brisbane Broncos
12th of June 2017 03:48 AM Link
10th of June 2017 09:29 AM Link
St John's College, Nambour showing the Sunshine Coast how schooling should be done. 🙂 Love It!!!
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31st of May 2017 09:48 AM Link
Love this <3
30th of May 2017 08:53 AM Link
Thought For The Day: "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" - #WilliamShakespeare #Inclusion #Resilience #NonViolence #FromBulliedToBrilliant
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19th of May 2017 09:24 AM Link
What do you think of this method?
4th of May 2017 03:46 PM Link
May the fourth be with you 🙂 #StarWarsDay #MayTheFourth
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30th of April 2017 12:31 PM Link
'From Bullied to Brilliant' now available with free postage Australia-wide. Hear the From Bullied to Brilliant back story in this fabulous interview with Dads on the Air: http://ow.ly/8eGv30biqkl
26th of April 2017 06:51 AM Link
No matter how dark it seems, no matter how small you feel, the solution lies in your hands. www.frombulliedtobrilliant.com #Bullying #Resilience #Education
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25th of April 2017 07:39 AM Link
"Happiness depends upon ourselves" - Aristotle
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22nd of April 2017 04:06 PM Link
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22nd of April 2017 03:56 PM Link
Loved, loved, loved this interview <3 Discussing Africa, the story behind the story and whether victims of bullying hold the balance of power. With Bill Kable from Dads on the Air http://ow.ly/X7PU30b4zrG
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22nd of April 2017 01:45 PM Link
Are there benefits to bullying? Find out more at http://frombulliedtobrilliant.com/category/the-interviews/
18th of April 2017 08:48 AM Link
New Video: Gold medal winning olympian and contributor Matthew Mitcham shares his important message of depression, addiction and recovery as it appears in #FromBulliedToBrilliant You can read his full story in his book #TwistsAndTurns http://ow.ly/eHyp30aVGbA
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13th of April 2017 01:31 PM Link
Is it embarrassing to be a victim? http://ow.ly/lTIA30aOQ9Y #Bullying #Education #Parenting #CurtinFM Media Stable
12th of April 2017 11:38 AM Link
Looking forward to chatting with radio host Bill Kable on Dads on the Air and Community Broadcasting Association of Australia on 20th April. Will be discussing bullying, relationships and dealing with difficult people. Find out more at http://www.dadsontheair.com.au/ Media Stable
7th of April 2017 03:08 PM Link
I recently had the pleasure of presenting a talk to the Gympie Men Of League Foundation to highlight the importance and significance of mentors and coaches in the lives of young athletes. Many thanks to Tom Daunt from The Gympie Times for the write up and Darren Burns for the recommendation. Lovely people. 🙂 Media Stable