Mamta Madhavan

From Bullied to Brilliant: How To Artfully Avoid Fitting In by Karen Clarke handles the relevant topic of bullying and gives good advice to all those who have been intimidated or have faced bullying. The book not only focuses on the problems of being isolated, embarrassed, insecure, and alone, but also gives one techniques to shift the focus from the problem to an immediate solution. The sharing of stories and the offering of insightful steps to develop one’s confidence and self-esteem give hope and help parents understand that they are not alone, enabling them to help their children work through situations of bullying. 5star-shiny-web

The positive and practical approaches to handle bullying are useful and informative and reach out to many people – parents, educators, and all those who work with victims of bullying – and tell them how a change in thinking can end the cycle. The author handles the topic extensively and the book is very easy to understand and be used by teachers, students, bullies, and victims. Her strategies, based on her own experiences of bullying, are helpful in bringing changes to the worldwide pattern of bullying. The author also gives a deeper view into the world of the bully and the bullied.

The book is informative and guides readers to intelligently confront the negative effects of bullying, and understand their strength, potential, and true worth. The book is liberating for all those who are bully victims as it gives them the courage to fight their own battles and vulnerabilities with greater strength.


Mamta Madhavan
Book Reviewer – Readers’ Favorite