Testimonial for Tracey Carmichael

“Before the Bully program & meeting Tracey, I was looking for as many tactics/ strategies on how to defend & stand up to my bullies, feeling like a victim whose lack of assertiveness caused so many issues. I’ve unconsciously lived like a victim for so many years, using work, & more recently food, to support my ignorance of the real issues- Me. Worst still, I felt so disempowered while my bullies permanently had a hold over me, or so it seemed before the Bully program.

What I loved most about the Bullying program & Tracey’s coaching style was that they gave me back my power & self- love by taking accountability of my feelings & the drivers of my beliefs. By recognising how I played a role in the bullying; by understanding that a victim & bully have similar traits & that victimisation gave me a sense of significance;- the power to ending the bullying cycle resided within me. This changed my understanding of bullying & the dynamics of power, moving me toward a path of growth & self-care.

What I found unique about this program was where the Bullying modules & Tracey slowly developed my self awareness of how I gave my power away & instead of berating myself, I took the approach of self-love & that I did the best I could at the time. This was such a beautiful experience because I simply couldn’t be bullied or bully myself any longer, I needed positive reassuring beliefs to be developed from this experience.

Positive changes I have experienced in me, life & relationships is that I am beginning to know more about who I am, what I want out of life & what needs will drive my future. No longer the need for significance rather a pursuit for growth, love/connection & contribution in every aspect of my life. Alongside my personal insights, I’ve also given up binge eating (which lasted 3+ years) as I’m eating better than I have in years; I’ve taken up Pilates/Barre 5 times a week (something I couldn’t do because I wasn’t able to stay in one place for too long- walking along the beach was the only exercise I could do); I’ve started a gratitude journal; and I’m about to move into a beautiful new apartment soon. The future looks more promising & exciting.

If anyone is looking to turn their life around from being a victim to one that is empowered, then I highly recommend the Bullying program & Tracey’s mentoring. Both will offer you the tools & knowledge to create a future that you desire based on your needs for fulfilment, leaving behind what others want or expect from you. If you want to learn to love & free yourself, then this is your solution.

Thank you again to the program & Tracey.

Much love & appreciation.”

Name Withheld for Privacy – July 2019