Questions You’ve Never Been Asked

Matt Collins


Five remarkable people will each spend ten minutes to share a quick snapshot of the ups and downs of their unique journey. Then, the intrigued, intimate room has the opportunity to ask the presenters anything they want**

That’s right, anything!


Speakers brief Intro:

Karen Clarke – Bullying Expert

MC Wheels – Wheelchair Bound Hip-Hop Artist

Peter – Depressed Workaholic

Shelagh – Stroke Survivor & Ambassador

Lisa – Parent of Child w Special Needs

VERY Limited Seats!!! (Only 15 spots left)

Cost: Zero….however it is ‘suggested’ you purchase a coffee and cake for $10 (as the venue host is a friend and has given us the room out of the goodness of his heart)

This will be a very unique event. It will leave every person inspired, awakened and hopefully just that little bit better for spending two hours with a remarkable group.

You don’t want to miss this..

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**Presenters may choose to politely decline any question they choose without any need for justification or reason.