Katelyn Hensel

The title of Karen Clarke’s new book says it all: From Bullied to Brilliant, How To Artfully Avoid Fitting In. For many children, and indeed adults, trying to fit in is the be-all and end-all of one’s daily life. But Clarke turns that concept on its head. In a smart, informative, yet relatable way, Clarke takes us deep into the minds of bullies to see how they tick, then she provides tricks, tools, and facts to use when a parent finds out that a bully has targeted their own child. The style and appearance of the writing and different sections really helped to categorize and emphasize the text.5star-shiny-web

One aspect of the book that I really appreciated was that different stories were injected throughout – Tanja’s Story, Matthew’s Story, etc – which all assisted in bringing to life the concepts that Clarke was discussing in the concurrent sections. While there is a lot of meat here, and it will take a while to digest some of the concepts, I felt that all of the information was very helpful and logically sound.

Karen Clarke has found an artful combination of information, creativity, humor, and general knowledge of human psychology to discuss a difficult, but prevalent issue in today’s society. Every parent should have a copy of From Bullied to Brilliant on hand when attempting to navigate the traumatic middle and high school years with their kids. Even adults will be able to glean some great techniques in dealing with a bullying boss or friend.



Katelyn Hensel
Book Reviewer – Readers’ Favorite