Karen is an engaging and inspiring presenter who delivers talks and workshops to schools, universities, businesses and groups.

Speaker Karen Clarke




NLP Trainer, Life Coach and author specialising in bullying, Karen delivers tailor-made presentations and workshops to groups, educators, businesses and students with an emphasis on bullying, managing and dealing with difficult people, boosting confidence and self-esteem, building resilience, future planning, goal setting and preparing for adult life.





Karen also delivers in-house training to educators and businesses and is proudly associated with the following:


Brisbane Broncos/Gympie Regional CouncilBrisbane Broncos

Karen is currently working with the Brisbane Broncos, Gympie Regional Council Gympie Regional Counciland Gympie Police presenting to primary and high school students for the ‘Building Better Communities’ and ‘Fit for Life’ programs helping students understand and overcome the challenges that life presents.


For Kids Sake

Karen Clarke is an official Ambassador for ‘For Kids Sake’, a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting children and their parents from one of the most common, significant, yet least-recognised health risks they are likely to face: family separation.



eMAGINE Agency is a cutting edge independent PR and Digital Communications agency. Their focus is to facilitate platforms for game changing individuals to inspire and share their message into the corporate and public domain. The speakers have worked tirelessly to establish themselves and their brand as experts in their chosen field. eMagine have merged these individuals together on one platform to provide the ultimate international public speaking team. A combination so brilliant you can only eMAGINE. Karen is a featured ‘Inspirations’ Speaker: Karen Clarke – eMAGINE Agency

PEMSoftPEMSoft Logo

PEMSoft, a worldwide professionally recognised app and a product of EBSCO Publishing, the largest medical publishing company in the world. Author Karen Clarke is a major contributor and her book ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ a key reference in the PEMSoft bullying/cyber bullying topic.


Bully Zero Australia FoundationBully Zero Australia Foundation

The mission of Bully Zero Australia Foundation is to provide genuine and enduring care for bullying victims and their families. We exist to identify and empower bullying victims, to support and stand side by side with them, their families and friends in taking action and creating permanent positive change.
We are dedicated and committed to raising awareness of bullying and its devastating consequences through schools, workplaces and the broader community. We aim to empower young people and provide them with hands on educational strategies to prevent bullying and work with bullies and their families to help create positive behavioural changes.


LT Training

LT Training are a registered training organisation. We deliver quality training for our clients in Construction, Cabinet Making and Management Topics.

We specialise in consulting for businesses becoming a RTO, Scenario Planning, Strategic & Business Planning, Organisational Diagnostics and other Organisational DNA. Our Mission: Today’s training for tomorrow’s workforce.


Media Stable

media-stableMedia Stable is a vetted online directory of Australian Experts from all industries, sectors and backgrounds. It is a source of content, ideas, opinions and commentary for all media across radio, television, newspaper and online.

With an overload of content, limited financial and personnel resources the media across all mediums are under extreme pressure. Media Stable helps connect those that want to communicate with the media that is looking to connect with them.





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