Dion Jensen

My name is Dion Jensen I am the founder of Success For Soldiers and I am the author of the world’s first good news book about PTSD. I save lives on the back of careers in the military, police and diplomatic protection in Iraq.

 I heard Karen speak at a Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce event to a mixed audience of creative and business leaders.

 Karen scared me.

 Her ability to connect immediately to the parts of myself that I had kept hidden and protected were accessed immediately with her authentic approach to dealing with bullies. As a bullied kid myself, I was very interested in what Karen had to say, but was totally unprepared for the power that this lady had.

Her speech will speak directly to the hearts of your audience, with authenticity, intelligence and a total UNawareness of how powerful she is, that comes across as total humility. What initially scared me as to how quickly she accessed the hidden recesses of my heart and mind, quickly transformed into a gratitude that were answers to some of the struggles that I had been through personally.

Looking around the audience, I saw the same process happening in the number of watering eyes in the audience. Karen will connect immediately with your audience, then with intelligence and experience, take them on a journey of self-discovery with processes and answers to empower them..”

Dion Jensen
Founder, Success For Soldiers