For Kids Sake – Policy Paper Launch

Parliament House Canberra

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‘For Kids Sake’ CEO David Curl and Ambassador, Author and Child Advocate Karen Clarke attended Parliament House for the official policy paper launch of:

‘Children Beyond Separation – A fresh start’

Calling for a fresh approach to the issue of family separation



‘For Kids Sake’ is a children’s advocacy and health education non-profit group dedicated to protecting children and their families from one of the most widespread, yet least-recognised, health risks they are likely to face: family separation.

For many children, separation is a major childhood trauma that affects their mental and physical health for the rest of their lives. It affects their behaviour, education, and can lead to serious social problems, self-harm and even suicide.

Parliament_House_at_dusk,_Canberra_ACTFor many parents, separation is the most stressful period of their entire lives, creating unfamiliar and frightening situations and extreme emotions. It’s a time when many parents need considerable help for themselves – and help to be able to do what’s best for their children. And it’s a time when children need their parents most. ‘For Kids Sake’ believe that we need to do much more to make sure children and their families have easy access to the information and professional help that they need before, during and after separation.

We need to make a difference, for kids’ sake.