Deborah Lloyd

” Karen Clarke brings a new, fresh perspective to the problem of bullying in her nonfictional work, From Bullied to Brilliant: How to Artfully Avoid Fitting In. The author presents an enlightening, comprehensive treatise on an age-old problem that has been receiving much attention in recent years, partly due to the new platform for bullying – social media. 5star-shiny-web

The psychological explanations underlying the roles of “bully and victim” are explored from a unique point of view. The section, debunking some familiar myths, was also especially informative. Likewise, lists of strategies to live within one’s own personal power are an excellent resource for those rebuilding self-esteem. The personal stories of a number of successful people, who lived through difficult bullying situations, offer hope to those who feel disempowered, or have no positive role models in their lives.

If you have been affected by bullying in any form, you should consider picking up From Bullied to Brilliant: How to Artfully Avoid Fitting In by Karen Clarke. Not only is the book full of helpful and practical information, it explains the reasons why this form of violence is prevalent in today’s society. Ms. Clarke’s style of writing is easy to read and understand. She presents a great deal of valuable information in short chapters, organized in well-titled sections.

The addition of inspirational quotations throughout the book enhances one’s emotions and thoughts surrounding this phenomenon. This book touches both the mind and the heart. Not only does the reader gain a broader understanding of bullying, but can react to all people affected by it with compassionate competency.”


Deborah Lloyd
Book Reviewer – Readers’ Favorite