Kama Frankling

“I loved reading ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ for both personal and business reasons. kama-frankling

Personally as someone who allowed myself to be bullied until my mid 30’s, the book was a wonderful confirmation of just how far I have come, especially in regards to taking responsibility of my own world. I won’t lie to you; the book triggered several past emotions and, a few regrets that it had not been published 20 years earlier. It was very much worth the journey though.

As a counselor I found myself reading the book from a therapeutic perspective. ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ contains many gems for anyone who works with bullied clients. I believe it to be a must have for those who work with children, including teachers. The book goes beyond what we learn in the textbooks or what we see on the surface.  The sharing of stories gives us a deeper look in to the world of the bullied and the bully. Maybe if we could gain a deeper understanding to pass on to our children at an early age, then some future trauma could be avoided.

What I particularly loved was the lack of judgment, the practical tools for all parties, the compassion for all sides, and the allowed space for healing. “

Kama Frankling
Slow Down and Play Therapist