Do Victims Have Any Power?

On Yana TV, Karen talks about her groundbreaking system to break the cycle of bullying. Her peaceful methods for overcoming bullying are based on the teachings of Gandhi, and they are tried, tested, and effective. Karen proposes that not only the bully has work to do in an unhealthy relationship, but so does the “victim”.

This does not mean victims are to blame for being bullied, though those who suffer from bullying are often quick to blame themselves. Karen advises against ever asking the question “Why me?” and instead focusing on “What can I do about this?”.

There is no shame in being bullied, but also consider that perhaps there is no shame in having expressed the dominating, pushy behavior that would often be defined as bullying. Perhaps both of these behaviours can be healthy and normal, as long as they are balanced.

Do unhealthy relationship habits do not make you a bad person? Should Bullies be Villainized for not understanding how to express themselves in a healthy way? Should victims, then, be punished for their unhealthy ways of expressing themselves? Do unhealthy relationships need to be put to an end, or can the ways two people interact be improved with greater knowledge and practice?

Both “bullies” and “victims” have the power to find healthier ways to fulfill their needs in relationships, and to develop healthier connections. Whether in a classroom, workplace, or personal setting, Karen Clarke’s tips to stop bullying and improve communication skills can hugely improve your life across the board.