Professional Development for Educators

‘Educators are in a unique and enviable position to not only build meaningful relationships with students, but also have a profound, and positive effect on their lives.’ 

From Bullied to Brilliant – Professional Development for Educators® takes an innovative approach to bullying by understanding patterns and origins of bullying and victimhood and focusing on solutions.

I firmly believe that in order to end the bully/victim cycle and dramatically improving wellbeing, we need to turn our attention to developing confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness in students.

How we personally view, approach and interpret bullying determines our effectiveness when dealing with this important issue. This program shows educators how to use simple processes to help children develop resilience and a better understanding of themselves in order to improve social-emotional wellbeing.

The program is delivered to groups as a face-to-face professional development training Australia-wide.

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Understanding Bullying in Schools

In this program, I share the experiences of a now-adult, self-confessed ‘victim’ and a now-adult, self-confessed ‘bully’ who share recollections of bullying at school from their unique perspectives. These stories will help you gain a deeper understanding of the origins, causes, and consequences of bully and victim behaviour.

I will also show you how to use my exclusive Social & Emotional Wellbeing Checklist (SEW Checklist) to be used by educators as a tool and resource. This provides a clear picture of the emotional and social wellbeing of students and identifies those who are in need of support, be they ‘bully’, ‘victim’ or both.

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