Ed Francis

Ed-Francis-Guest-Contributor-PhotoLearning how to value oneself often begins with hearing real stories provided by people who have experienced similar painful life situations – those who have taken steps to remove themselves from hurtful circumstances, and bravely moved on to a better life.

While reading the book ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ we walk away with not only a cornucopia of inspiring stories, but also practical wisdom passionately provided by it’s author, Karen Clarke.

If you or someone you know has encountered bullying, is struggling with the effects of being targeted for being different and unique, then this book is most certainly an indispensable resource and not to be overlooked.

No one should ever feel it’s ok for another person to dominate us – and ‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ helps us to recognize our worth as we make our personal journey through life.”

Ed Francis
Producing Artistic Director, Rhythm Workshops
Master Drum Coach, Round Rock Drums