Ed Francis

In my library, some books are destined for vandalism.

Let me explain… Ed-Francis-Guest-Contributor-Photo

Every so often a book comes along that requires more than just a read. Some books grab my attention to the point of taking a pen and underlining, circling, “starring,” “arrowing,” highlighting, and dog-earing the corners of its pages.

“From Bullied to Brilliant” is one of those vandalized books in my library.

In my experience the act of bullying can be received and looked upon in one of two ways: It’s like being handed a gallon of gasoline. The question becomes “what we do with it?” Do we pour it over ourselves and light the match of self condemnation – or do we pour the gift into our gas tank and use it as fuel to travel and pursue our dreams?

I highly recommend this book to everyone. We can all take away something from the experiences, helpful steps, and understanding “From Bullied to Brilliant” brings to those of us who experience(d) bullying, bully, or even witness bullying happening around them.

Watch out…you may end up changing someone’s life – and it could be yours!

Ed Francis
Executive Director/Co-Founder, Rhythm Workshops
Master Drum Coach/Founder, Round Rock Drums